Topher Webb – LTUAE


In 2011 I was introduced to cryptocurrency, and more specifically Bitcoin. Bitcoin is now on everyone’s lips and I was right there in its infancy when it was a little over 3 years old.

Back then, bitcoin was worthless and no one knew what it was and what it would become.

I started mining bitcoin in 2012 and then the price was $1000 and I was actually making some reasonable returns, however with anything youre learning, you make mistakes and I lost passwords, accounts and all sorts of things. Today, I estimate around $200k worth of losses that are in wallets that I can no longer access due to lost seed codes etc.

Occasionally I will post blogs on certain coins that come to my attention. I make no claims to be a broker / trading wizz or anyone that should be listened to, so if anyone takes my advice, its on your own head.

In 2014 I mentioned to a work mate that he should invest in BTC and I didnt know this at the time, but he did. Today, (Dec 2017) his $500 investment is worth AUD$177,000 – he is a happy man and is now learning what he can do with cryptocurrency and is venturing into trading.

Below is come links to my favourite platforms for cryptocurrency. These links (some of them) are affiliate links and help me earn a little bit of money by you using the links. Any little bit helps me with hosting fees.


YoBIT is a trading platform that you can buy and sell many different coins and even sell BTC for USD. I use this website to look for coins that aren’t listed on any other coin exchanges.


 Changelly is a website that I use quite regularly when I need a quick conversion from one currency to another without the pain and wait of trading. Occasionally I will buy ETH, ZEC, or another coin on an upswing and this is a super quick service. Check THIS POST for a quick link to the exchange table.


Coinspot is a company that is a member of the ADCA (Australian Digital Commerce Association) and one of two companies that I use to send AUD into the cryptocurrency world. Founded in 2013, CoinSpot is one of Australia’s leading exchanges with the largest selection of blockchain assets of any Australian Exchange. I set up automatic payments with my bank account to send money via bPay to Coinspot so that I have real world AUD funds to buy digital currency and trade it or hold onto it for when it spikes in popularity.


I am cloud mining at 2 different places currently, with an average return of around USD$5.00 per day, this isnt much, as of January 2018, however I am reinvesting all earnings into more hashrate and therefore building my returns. I am looking to increase considerably to around 15Ths. This place doesnt have any bad feedback, and has over 180,000 miners currently investing money in return for hashrate. Throw a minimum of $120 USD / 0.01 BTC into a 2 year contract and reinvest all of your returns for 500 days only – and let me know in 2 years how much you made! Please use my affiliate link to purchase


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