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Sisel coffee for your healthy lifestyle


Panama-Boquete-1-of-1She is rare, exclusive and much sought after – with a stellar reputation and a price tag to match. No other coffee varietal has received quite as much acclaim as the Geisha, but what is this unusual coffee’s story and is it worth the hype?

Geisha is often associated with Panama, where it first shot to fame – but it has actually only been grown there since the 1960s. In fact Geisha’s story began several decades earlier in Ethiopia, when it was ‘discovered’ in the 1930s in the mountains around the south-western town of Gesha. Over the next few years these unusual trees were planted in a few experimental lots in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. It wasn’t until the early 1950s, however, that Geisha made the journey across the Atlantic, when some seeds were sent from Tanzania to Costa Rica’s CATIE coffee research centre. A decade or so later these tall, sparsely foliated trees eventually found their way to Panama.

It was only in 2004 that the Geisha was rediscovered – when an enterprising farm in Panama isolated the production from its Geisha trees and entered the beans in that year’s Taste of Panama coffee competition. Not only did the Geisha lot win, but its extraordinary cup profile – more reminiscent of a fine Yirgacheffe than a Central – completely blew the judges away.

Since its surprise triumph in 2004, the Geisha varietal has gained something of a cult following in the specialty coffee world – where it is famed for its complex and unique cup profile. Geisha beans change hands for regal sums – as high, if not higher, than top Cup of Excellence lots. But do they live up to their reputation?

Coffee Dangers

Hidden in all roasted coffees is a by product call ACRYLIMIDES. These Acrylimides form in coffee during the roasting process and according to California Proposition 65 have been found to be Cancer causing. Sisel International found an interesting way to eliminate this problem almost entirely. Because Sisel International is always looking to never denature any raw ingredients and believes that good attributes are found inside most of plant based organisms, they found that Baking Coffee was the safest approach. Sisel International had a custom ceramic inferred oven built to bake our coffee to an equivalent of a medium roast.

Sisel International wasn’t finishPanama coffeeed there. Tom  Mower Sr asked this question, “How can we make coffee even better for you?” So after countless hours of research the scientist at Sisel International found 4 companions to our Award winning coffee.

The first ingredient is an extract of a  hard mushroom called Chaga. This ingredient is tasteless and odourless and is full of B Vitamins and Flavonoids. This Mushroom has been deemed “Diamond of the Forest”, “Mushroom of Immortality” “Gift from God”. Another hard mushroom extract was added as well. Ganoderma is also tasteless and odourless and is widely know for its immune boosting properties and there is over 1500 case studies listed on
A 3rd ingredient was added for brain health. Because studies on coffee have shown that it may help with brain function, the Scientist at Sisel International wanted to enhance this feature  even further by adding Bacopa extract. Bacopa is amazing because case studies have shown is effectiveness to strip the brain of plaque and plaque build up in the brain is what causes holes to develop leading to altimeters and dementia.
The 4th and last ingredient is Goto Kola Extract. Goto Kola is commonly found in the South Pacific and some native to Hawaii actually toss it in with salads. because Grade 1 Coffees have a low caffeine content between 89-93mg per serving, the scientist at Sisel International decided to add the Goto Kola Extract because of its anti fatigue values. Instead of getting that caffeine crash  Sisel Kaffe gives you a smooth finish without the crash.

Taste the Difference

sisel-premium-bag-coffeeI have been handing our samples of this coffee for around 6 months now, and every time anyone tries it, they comment on how great it tastes and how smooth it is.

Our coffee beans are baked and not roasted, so the acid content goes way down so now people that have given up coffee because of acid reflux or hard burn can now reintroduce themselves to a great cup of coffee.

Sisel Coffee comes in a amazing assortment of varieties.

The best-seller is by far the Black Micro Ground instant. And at around .60 cents a cup its a fantastic bargain. All you need is hot water and you can enjoy a wonderful experience. Another great Instant is the Dutch Mocha. For that chocolate lover this one takes the cake. Then the Instant Latte is just wonderful. This European style of  latte is just delicious.

Now for the person that loves to brew it up in any style our 340g Black Premium in the bag is to die for. You can drip it, press it, perk it use it in an espresso machine how ever you like it Sisel Coffee is Amazing.

Lastly the Scientist at Sisel International knowing what a great delivery system that coffee is, came up with a Weight Loss Coffee that has over $200 worth of Weight loss supplements Combined with our Amazing Panama Boquete Gesha Coffee. Ingredients Like Green Coffee Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambogia extract,  Raspberry Ketone extract, Sinetrol Mediterranean Diet Extract, Evodiamine, Chromium Polynicotinate, Yerba Mate extract and Guarana. This Stuff is Amazing for lighting the fire with in.

Sisel Coffee is truly an incredible brew, not only does it taste amazing but with all the enhancements it is good for you too. Order your coffee right now.