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This is only my first blog on my apprenticeship journey, yet it is my first day of my final block for this year.

There has been a few people join and drop out, and there has been some people who joined late, caught up, and are killing it.

My class is the CERT III Stage I, which is the 1st year of the apprenticeship theory, however myself and another person are doing the CERT II (Career Start). With that said, we are doing the exact same work as everyone else, which is great, because if I finally get an apprenticeship, my first year of theory is already done.

We have one, maybe two modules left and that’s it.. done.

I have applied for two apprenticeships for 2019 thus far. One I really really want which would allow me to branch out from standard domestic type work to playing with toys that sounds really fun, and educational.. the other, a mine, will give me a huge kick start on my career, and also a quite decent pay packet.

Both of those closed 3 weeks ago, and still no word. Does not look good.

I am now looking to enrol in TAFE next year and do STAGE III theory and prepare for another year in my current job while studying the seven blocks of theory for that stage.

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