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I dont really have anything of any interest to write about this week. This weeks video, I tended to waffle on a little bit, but it pretty much sums up how the 2 days went. I was down on water, but no great issues other than a headache on the 2nd day, for the morning, but other than that.. all good

Day 1

Breakfast  – Coffee (250ml milk)

Dinner – Fat Blaster Weight Loss Shake + 250ml milk

Snack – 1 can of Coke Zero

TOTAL CAL : 440 / 600

Day 2

Breakfast  – Coffee (250ml milk)  & Fat Blaster Weight Loss Shake + 250ml milk

Dinner –

Snack – 1 can of Coke Zero, a pinch of Trail Mix (30g = 150 cal and I was WELL under that), 1 dill pickle

TOTAL CAL : 593 / 600 (I included the whole 150 cal for the trail mix even though I didnt eat 30g)




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