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Unlike week 1, I knew what to expect from this week, and still hadn’t prepared a simple meal plan to follow to allow me a couple of nice, nutritious meals that were around 100 calories each. I hadn’t even re-ordered my Man Shake meal replacements!

This weekend, as I was fasting on Saturday and Sunday, I consumed 1 cup of coffee and a protein shake on Saturday, and on Sunday I had a cup of coffee and 1 cup (250ml) of rolled oats (porridge) with water, and a protein shake with milk for dinner.

As is the norm, lots of water. I think 4 litres on Saturday and 3 litres on Sunday

Below is a 10 minute video of combined days. My iPad storage is only 16G so the silly thing keeps getting full, hence a few stops and restarts.

I mention that’s 161 cals is 2/3 of my allowance, I meant 1/3 of my allowance

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