Topher Webb – LTUAE

The A.G.E. Pill

The A.G.E. Pill’s super-nutrients help your body remove glycation and lipofuscin while providing ATP-boosting biological hydrogen which supports the slowing of the cellular decay and degeneration that lead to aging.

Children seem to have the boundless energy to go all day long. As we grow, our stem cells become cluttered with cellular garbage causing the decay and degeneration that lead to aging. By providing the proper nutrients to slow decay and degeneration, your body can slow the effects of aging. The AGE Pill provides three classes of advanced super nutrients to the stem cells, delivering intense support for: 1. Removal of glycation buildups that inhibit intercellular proteins. 2. Reduction of toxins and cellular sludge resulting from lipofuscin. 3. Increases in ATP-providing biological hydrogen to help amplify cellular energy.

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