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Exposing the Alkaline Water HOAX

From the Desk of Bill DeFalco Saturday September 17, 2016

Just recently I learned that a friend of one of my family members had been conned into buying a Kangan Water Machine. My immediate reaction was that I needed to get the word out to all of my family members ASAP – to inform them about the Alkaline Water HOAX, so they can make an educated decision, should any of them be exposed to the marketing hype being disseminated by the Kangan Water Reps, who are hawking Over-Priced-Over-Hyped Under-Performing water machines, and making unsubstantiated medical claims about Alkaline Water, in order to garner more sales.

I want to insure that everyone in my family is aware of the fact that the Kangan Reps are profiteering through a price-gouging structure where over half of the lofty price they are charging for their over-hyped water machines is used to pay out exorbitant commissions, while the unsuspecting buyer winds up with an over-priced water-wasting machine, with a single simplistic water filter that does a grossly inadequate job of filtering and purifying the water, and a machine that dispenses water of an excessively high ph level (Strong Base) that offers no notable health benefits, and which is actually harmful to your health!

To educate and inform my family members I composed a detailed letter and emailed it out to all of them. In the letter, I provided them with the following information. I want to encourage everyone reading this Update to share it with everyone they know, and to make people aware of a revolutionary new Healthy Water system pioneered by SISEL International – the SuprH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra – that is not only far less costly than a Kangan Water Machine, but is so far advanced in every aspect that it has literally made the Kangan Water Machine – and ALL other Water Ionizers Obsolete!


Water Ionizers and Alkaline Water – The FANTASY VS The TRUTH

FANTASY: Promoters of the Kangan Water Machines – the top-selling Water Ionizers – are boastful of the fact that the unit is registered as a Medical Device in Japan.

TRUTH: Any device that increases the ph of drinking water to a ph of 8.5 or higher is required by Law in Japan to be registered. This requirement affects not only the Kangan Water Machine, but all Water Ionizer units sold in Japan.

The fact that these units have been classified as medical devices doesn’t offer any evidence for their potential to treat and or prevent disease.

In Japan the Pharmaceutical Affairs law has also issued strict prohibitions regarding marketing, advertising, and making claims. For example, the names of ERW produced from ionizers must not suggest beneficial effects (e.g. Wonder Water, magical water, etc.). Advertising claims must not exceed or suggest more than those for which it was approved.

FANTASY: Promoters of the Kangan Water Machines Ionizers claim that the majority of hospitals in Japan use and prescribe ionized water to their patients.

TRUTH: Many medical doctors in Japan have never seen or even heard of a water ionizer being used for hospital patients. There was an early Japanese advertisement that made it appear that this was the case, but it is not.

FANTASY: Promoters of Kangan Water Machines claim that drinking the “Alkaline Water” from their machines offers many medical benefits, including helping to prevent cancer, and helping to fight off cancer in the body.

TRUTH: To date – there is no solid scientific proof that drinking alkaline water can help, in any way with any kind of cancer. Numerous clinical studies have proven that alkaline water offers no benefits at all in preventing cancer, or in treating or reversing cancer symptoms. To date, there is still no human clinical trial that can support any of these notions.

In June of 1992, a television news program marketed Alkaline Ionized Water as “Wonder Water”. This was a marketing strategy, which showed the water being used in hospitals and giving beneficial effects against diseases, such as diabetes. The media had wrongly led people to believe that the water was recognized for ailments beyond what it had been approved for.

In fact, the only medical condition that may benefit from drinking water of a strong base ph (Alkaline Water) is acidosis of the stomach. But because the original approval for this required addition of calcium lactate, and calcium was already recognized to help with gastrointestinal issues including chronic diarrhea, antacids, and indigestion, the medical community doubted the efficacy of the water itself – as the benefits could easily be ascribed to the calcium.

In December of 1992, product testing by the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan further cast doubt on the efficacy of the water reporting that it was unrealistic to believe that drinking alkaline water can have similar affects to gastrointestinal drugs, as it would require one to drink more than 10 liters of water to neutralize the stomach acid – that’s more than two and a half Gallons of water – a Lethal Dose of water that can trigger instant death in most people!

Another BIG TRUTH – Kangan Water Machines are Way Over-Priced!
More than Half the cost of a Kangan Water Machine is used to pay out the exorbitant sales commissions to Kangan Water Machine Marketing Reps! To begin with – as you will learn through the following information – there is No Logical Reason to buy any Water Ionizer!

But to make a point – there are at least eighteen different water ionizer companies that have been approved and certified in Japan by the JMHLW, and many of these units are being sold worldwide. Because all machines must comply with the same requirements for medical approval, the products have the same basic electrolytic cell structure as well as the same basic principles of electrolysis, so there are no significant differences between the various machines in terms of platinum purity, design.

The bottom line – there are many other Water Ionizer units costing Far Less than the over-priced over-hyped Kangan Water Machine. So if (for whatever reason???) someone wants to buy a water ionizer, there’s no reason to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a Kangan Water Machine when similar water ionizer units can be had for less than 1/4 the cost of a Kangan unit.


Alkaline water dangers: why you should not drink it

The summary in this article reads as follows:

As much as the alkaline water might seem the solution to problems such as Acidosis, the outcome is not always what you expect. The logical explanation to why doctors (in the USA) are yet to approve the use of the alkaline water is because of the likely side effects that people get. Most of the documented researches show that the tests were only carried on dogs and plants.

Click HERE to read the full article: Alkaline water – why you should not drink it

All Water Ionizer units – including the top-selling the Kangan Water machine and another top-selling unit called the Echo-9 – produce water of an excessively high ph (strong Base) that not only does not offer any health benefits, but which can be very harmful to your health!

A contact of mine on Facebook, upon seeing a dialog I had going on about the Kangan Water machine HOAX posted the following comment:

“I don’t feel good with KANGEN WATER SYSTEM at all, 2008 I bought the system for almost 4500 usd and listen to their weird explanation on how it can reduce blood sugar by 80%. I drank that water for 6 months and got a brain tumor and my diabetes got worse”

A Medical Doctor was attracted to SISEL’s SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra, after having had a very bad experience with drinking the water from his Kangan Water machine. This doctor’s problems began with an upset stomach, and things got worse from there – to the point of his experiencing Nausea and Vomiting. He stopped drinking the water, and then all of the symptoms dissipated. Having made a big investment in his Kangan Water machine, and not wanting to believe that the water from it was making him sick – he returned to drinking the water from it and once again, he became very sick to his stomach and the Nausea and Vomiting returned. He got rid of the unit and purchased a SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra.

Do a search on Google on: Is nausea a typical reaction to drinking alkaline water? – and you’ll find reports like this one:
“I was recently introduced to the health benefits of alkaline water, and have tried it for about a week now. Almost immediately, my body seemed to have an aversion to it, and I felt nauseated. I stopped drinking it for a couple of days. This morning, I got through about half a glass, and the nausea started up again.”


The Alkaline Water Myth Exposed

Countering all of the Hype from the makers and marketers of water ionizers about the purported “health benefits” of drinking “alkaline water” is a growing list of medical scientific studies that are exposing the Real Truth about alkaline water consumption: Drinking alkaline water does not provide any positive health benefits and in fact – it is actually harmful to your health!

Clinical studies demonstrating the harmful side effects from ionized water consumption:

1. Degradation of myocardiac myosin and creatine kinase >Click HERE to read the study

2. Influence of alkaline ionized water on erythrocyte hexokinase activity and myocardium >Click HERE to read the study

3. Histopathological influence of alkaline ionized water on myocardial muscle >Click HERE to read the study


The Serious Drawbacks of All Water Ionizer units

Water Ionizers do not generate significant therapeutic levels of Molecular Hydrogen

Contrary to what the makers of Water Ionizers claim – their units put out only very minute, barely detectable levels of Molecular (Diatomic) Hydrogen. And after 6 months, due to gradual loss in the efficiency of the electrostatic plates used in water ionizers, the level of Molecular Hydrogen dissipates to Zero.
Water Ionizers that use the electrolysis method of generating Hydrogen are in fact generating Hydrogen Gas – which is not infused into the water but instead it bubbles right out of the water – making the claims they state about the water from their units being high in Molecular Hydrogen totally False and Erroneous!

Water Ionizers are not “Green Machines” from an environmental viewpoint!
All water ionizers are Ecological Disasters – since they all waste Huge amounts of water!

Water Ionizers significantly increase the cost of drinking water!

Whether you pay a water bill – or you pay for the electricity to pump water from your own well – A Water Ionizer unit will Increase These Costs!
For each glass of drinking water dispensed by a Water Ionizer, an equivalent amount of undrinkable Acid Waste Water is discharged down the drain.

The Acid Waste Water is useless – and even harmful!

Contrary to the erroneous claims made by the manufacturers and marketers of Water Ionizers – the Acid Waste Water from all Water Ionizers has virtually no practical use or beneficial purpose!

▪ The Acid Waste Water discharged from all Water Ionizers is Chlorogenic Acid, which promoters of Water Ionizers wrongly suggest is good for your skin. Nothing could be further from the truth! Putting Chlorogenic Acid on your skin is like putting Clorox on your skin!

▪ Chlorogenic Acid is far from ideal for washing food, fruits and vegetables and it is totally impractical, as your skin comes into contact with it in the cleaning process. Wearing plastic or rubber gloves makes it even worse, since the Chlorogenic Acid will eat away at the rubber or plastic in the gloves, making a Toxic Residue that comes into contact with the food, fruits and vegetables that you are attempting to “clean” with the Chlorogenic Acid waste water from your water ionizer unit.

SISEL International developed: OrganiCleanse the best product ever created for thoroughly cleansing fruits and vegetables.

Click HERE to learn more about OrganiCleanse

On the Thursday Eve Sept 15 HAWN Webinar, Special guest Speaker George Griesel shared his past experience with marketing Water Ionizers and explains why SISEL’s SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra has made All Water Ionizers useless and worthless, and destined to become relics of the past.

Click HERE to listen to the Recorded HAWN Webinar featuring George Griesel


Introducing the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra
A Major Breakthrough in Healthy Water Technology

SISEL International has pioneered the development of a remarkable new healthy water system that dispenses highly purified water with the highest levels of dissolved Molecular Hydrogen (also referred to as Diatomic Hydrogen) of any water system.

Click HERE to watch a short video of SISEL’s International’s Founder Tom Mower PhD Scientist and Water Chemistry Expert introducing the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra

An overview of the features and performance factors of the SISEL SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra that make all Water Ionizers Obsolete!

– Far Superior Water Filtration and Purification! Unlike the simplistic single-filter cartridge used in most water ionizer units, which is inefficient in filtering the water, as many contaminants will pass right through it – The SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra has an advanced 3-Stage Water Filtration and Purification section, that filters and purifies the water beyond the highest standards for purified drinking water. A single water filter cartridge is simply not capable of achieving a very high level of water filtration and purification.

The 3-Stages of water filtration and purification in the SupraH2 Ultra are:
1. A Sediment Trap
2. An advanced Carbon Block Filter that far out-performs standard carbon filters
3. A UF Membrane Filter – provides Ultrafine filtration that clarifies and disinfects the water.

For more detailed information on these advanced water filters:

Click HERE to download the PDF entitled: Information from SISEL International on the filters used in the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra

Additionally, the filters in the SptraH2 Ultra are NSF Compliant:

Click HERE to download the NSF Compliance Certificate for the filters used in the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra

– The Patented Proton Exchange Membrane Module generates the Highest Level of in-solution Molecular (Diatomic) Hydrogen of any other water system – On average, Water Ionizers initially generate approximately 0.05 ppm (parts per million) of dissolved Diatomic (Molecular) Hydrogen in the water, which is a very tiny amount and which diminishes to an undetectable level after 6 months of use.

You would have to drink 60 glasses of water from a (new) Water Ionizer unit to get the equivalent amount found in One Glass of water from a SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra. Tom Mower Sr., after consulting with the Executive Director of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation has determined that a minimum of 4 ppm is essential to begin to receive the benefits found the hundreds of studies done on molecular hydrogen. The SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra tests at 6-9 ppm regularly and potentially can reach 14 ppm. And it consistently puts out these high levels over the lifetime of the unit.

– Oxygen-Enriched Water – The Proton Exchange Membrane Module, exclusive to the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra also infuses the water with an abundance of health-boosting Oxygen. The very small amounts of oxygen generated by water ionizers is expelled from the units in the acid waste water component, which goes down the drain with each equivalent amount of alkaline water dispensed by the units.

– No Wasted Water! 100% of the water that goes into the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra is dispensed out of the unit as Highly Purified Water rich in therapeutic levels of Molecular (Diatomic) Hydrogen and Oxygen. For each cup of Drinkable Water dispensed from a Water Ionizer machine, an equal amount of water is sent down the drain as inconsumable Acid Waste Water – which is Chlorogenic Acid (very similar to Clorox). Despite what the promoters of the water ionizer units say – Chlorogenic Acid is Not Good to put on your skin! It’s like putting Clorox on your skin!

– No Costly Replacement Components! Other than two replaceable water filter cartridges, none of the components in the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra will ever require replacement. In place of the outdated 100-year old ionizing plate technology, which is used in all Water Ionizers – the Patented Breakthrough Proton Exchange Membrane Module in the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra is Lifetime-Rated and will never require replacement.
The water ionizing plates section in all water ionizers will wear out in 5 years, and will require a very costly replacement.

– Far Less Maintenance Required! Water ionizers require a regular, periodic flushing of their ionizing plates section. Flushing the SupraH2 Ultra is only required once, with each filter replacement.

– Far Superior Health Benefits! The Output Water of the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra provides Far More Major Significant Health Benefits than the output water from water ionizer units. The water from the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra is rich in the highest level of dissolved in-solution Molecular Hydrogen (also known as Diatomic Hydrogen) of any water machine. Additionally, the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra also – through its Exclusive and Patented Proton Exchange Membrane Technology – infuses Pure Energy-Boosting, Health-Enhancing Oxygen into the water as well. Water ionizers do not put Oxygen into the dispensed drinking water but instead – the Oxygen goes down the drain in the Acid Waste Water!

Click HERE to listen to Tom Mower PhD and Water Chemistry Expert on the Alkaline Water Myth and the Greatest Breakthrough Ever in Healthy Water – the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra


The Significant Health Benefits of drinking SupraH2 Water with Therapeutic Levels of Molecular (Diatomic) Hydrogen and Oxygen

The health benefits of Molecular Hydrogen have been extensively studied and documented. Over 153,000 medical scientific studies on Molecular Hydrogen can be found on the website of the US National Library of Medicine at

Click HERE to see all of the studies on Molecular Hydrogen on the website of the US National Library of Medicine

A non-profit organization of doctors and scientists: The Molecular Hydrogen Foundation – has published over 500 peer-reviewed papers that document how Molecular Hydrogen positively impacts and benefits over 150 different human health conditions.

Click HERE to visit the website of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation

· Diatomic Hydrogen neutralizes harmful free radicals in the body, including the detrimental hydroxyl radical (OH-) the most damaging of the free-radicals. Diatomic Hydrogen instantly reacts with hydroxyl radicals on contact and neutralizes them by converting them to harmless water.

· Because of its very small size (the smallest molecule known to science) Diatomic Hydrogen easily spreads throughout the entire body, including the brain, since it can pass right through the blood-brain barrier. This property along with its ability to neutralize damaging free radicals in the body makes Diatomic Hydrogen a formidable weapon to aid the body in fighting off many degenerative health conditions. Medical scientific studies conclusively indicate that free radicals cause Cancer and Heart Disease, and that they can also be responsible for damage to brain tissue, which can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


▪ Drinking water rich in Diatomic Hydrogen helps to flush Lipofuscin out of the cells of the body. Lipofuscin is a gummy buildup of cellular waste (sludge) that accumulates inside the cells, and which the cells are unable to get rid of. More and more studies are exposing Lipofuscin as a main factor in many degenerative health conditions and illnesses. Cellular waste buildup can compromise the functionality of the liver, kidney, heart muscle, retina, adrenals, nerve cells, and ganglion cells, and many other organs, structures and organelles throughout the body.

▪ Diatomic Hydrogen’s ability to flush Lipofuscin from the cells of the body could very well be the solution to the problem faced by the large percentage of people who are overweight and who are not able to lose weight, despite dieting and exercising. The extra pounds these people are unable to shed may in many cases be attributed the accumulated waste material in the cells of their bodies, which the cells are not able to eliminate. In my case, I lost 15 pounds in 3 months from drinking the water from my SupraH2 Ultra and I finally got rid of the “spare tire” in my waist, which I’ve had since my 30’s. Now, after recently celebrating my 65th Birthday – my stomach is Flat – like it was when I was back in my 20’s! And now for the first time in my life – I am able to wear Slim-Fit pants!

▪ Lipofuscin buildup (aka sludge buildup) in the cells of the vital organs of the body is now being understood by science to be a major contributor to the degradation of the health and functionality these vital organs. Lipofuscin accumulation within the cells of vital organs such as the heart, for example can compromise its normal operation and as such – it could lead to complete heart failure and death.

Boundless Amounts of Energy!

In the cells of the human body there are vitally important organelles called Mitochondria. The Mitochondria are referred to as The Powerhouse of the Cell, since their function is the conversion of oxygen and nutrients into ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) – the Main Energy Source for the majority of cellular functions in the body. The most highly effective nutritional supplement for boosting the production of ATP in the body is CoQ10 – of which SISEL’s HEARTIFY COQ10 far out-performs the best CoQ10 supplements (including Ubiquinol) by 3 to 4 times. But it gets Even Better than that – because Diatomic Hydrogen increases ATP production in the body 800% Higher than CoQ10 – another Very Compelling Reason to be drinking the diatomic Hydrogen enriched water from SISEL’s SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra!

I just cannot get over the Significant Energy Boost that I get from drinking the water from my SupraH2 Ultra. The increased energy from this amazing water has completely eliminated a problem I’ve had for many years – getting drowsy behind the wheel while driving. On several occasions, I nearly fell asleep behind the wheel, but at the last second I’ve been able to catch it and shake myself back awake. It got to the point where I was very concerned that one day I’ll fall asleep while driving and get injured or killed in a crash.

But since I began drinking SupraH2 Water – this problem is now GONE! I now take my SupraH2 Water along with me. You can order a special SupraH2 container from SISEL that will keep the Diatomic Hydrogen and Oxygen in solution in the water for days, allowing you to take this water along with you wherever you go. Every year thousands of people are seriously injured and killed on the roads from falling asleep behind the wheel. There is no doubt in my mind that SupraH2 Water can go a very long way in helping to prevent many of these types of injuries and deaths on the roads every year.

I also get so much more out of my exercise workouts on my Treadmill – by having a glass of SupraH2 water before and after my workouts. The Diatomic Hydrogen and Oxygen in the water Super-Charges my body, enabling me to workout at a higher intensity that makes me Burn More Fat and keep my weight under control, and right where it needs to be. Having a glass of SupraH2 Water after my workout also helps me to recover so much better from my workout, as it literally eliminates the muscle soreness and tightness that typically occurs after an intensive workout.

Every gym, fitness center and exercise club needs to have a SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra, so they can offer their members the incredible benefits of drinking SupraH2 Water before and after their exercise workout. And everyone who participates in athletic and sporting activities, events and competitions can get a Big Edge on their performance by drinking SupraH2 Water.

▪ Diatomic Hydrogen supports and boosts the production of Anti-Aging Enzymes in the body, including Glutathione, Superoxide Disumatse, Catalase and many others – and it does this at a far higher level than any supplements can.

▪ Diatomic Hydrogen cleans up the cells and draws in much more nutrients, much more Oxygen, while facilitating important biological processes that are essential to good health and optimum wellness.

For more information on the many health benefits of drinking water rich in Molecular (Diatomic) Hydrogen and Oxygen:

Click HERE to download the PDF entitled: Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen Directory Version 4A

Knowledge is Power – the Power to help you make Smart Buying Decisions.

And one of the smartest and best things that you can do for your health and the health of your family is to purchase a SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra. If you are currently buying bottle water – over time, you’ll spend more than the cost of a SupraH2 Ultra.

Your investment in a SupraH2 Ultra will not only save you money in the long run over buying bottled water, but you’ll also be enjoying the many great benefits of drinking highly purified water that is rich in Molecular Hydrogen and Oxygen – powerful benefits that you cannot get from bottled water.

Click HERE to learn more about the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra

You’ll find the SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra in the Sisel Life product section in the Home Care category.

Financing is available with $500 down and a choice of 24 or 36 monthly payments.

Click HERE to download the SupraH2 Finance Application

▪ Fill in the “live” PDF Application and save it to your PC in your name.
▪ Then send an email to SISEL at: customerservice with your name and SISEL ID Number – and attach your saved application.
▪ SISEL will contact you to guide you through the process.
▪ Upon receiving your Suprah2 Ultra – you must send SISEL your Acceptance Form to confirm that you have received the unit in good working order. This is also necessary to finalize your financing approval.
▪ Failure to submit the Acceptance Form will result in your getting billed for the full cost of the unit – so make sure to send the Acceptance Form to SISEL!

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