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From the Desk of Bill DeFalco Saturday – August 20, 2016

An important Health Update

Tom Mower – PhD Biochemist, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of SISEL International gave us one of the most compelling reasons why we should tell everyone we know about the SISEL SAFE Dental Care Products.
Tom Posted the following information about toothpaste on Facebook in April:

Cancer Causing Substance in Toothpaste
There is a worse very serious potential cancer causing ingredient than Triclosan in toothpaste. It is not on the label but is created when they ethoxylate the foaming agent in toothpaste to give it higher levels of foam. In doing so it creates 1,4 dioxane a serious cancer causing agent and is found in all breast cancer cells. It is classified as a tramp ingredient because it is not part of the ingredients but created because of the reaction of them. Dioxane is the ingredient found in Agent Orange, that the Vietnam Vets are getting cancer from. It was used to defoliate the jungle. At that time they did not know what a deadly cancer causing agent was in it. Now they do BUT unfortunately it is found in abundance in many toothpastes, shampoos and cleansing agents. You can get a good idea if it may be there by just reading the label. If the word laureth is there or PEG, you have a good chance of it being there in large amounts. I would never ethoxylate anything because of this potential cancer causing danger in Sisel products but I find almost all other companies use them.

Another Big Concern about dental care products: Fluoride

Most brands of toothpaste contain Fluoride. And Fluoride is also found in many brands of mouthwash. The health hazards of Fluoride far overshadow any potential benefits that it may offer in helping to reduce tooth decay. Despite all of the negatives associated with Fluoride, it is still widely used in dental care products, and added to municipal water systems. And because of its extensive use for decades, Fluoride is now found in Spring water and Well water in many areas. Here is the latest Bad News about Fluoride:

Warning on Fluoride from The Lancet
When the Lancet – the World’s Oldest and Most Prestigious Medical Journal classifies Fluoride as a Neurotoxin, in the same category as Arsenic, Lead and Mercury – it’s high time for everyone to make it a priority to get Fluoride out of their lives. And the best way to start is with your Dental Care products.

SISEL’s Fluoride-Free SupraShine Toothpaste and Terminator Mouth Rinseare without question the Most Exceptional Dental Care Products in the World.

I have very strong reasons for making that statement. As the son of a Dentist, and with a medical background including a college degree in premedical studies – I spent many years researching and trying many numerous different dental care products, in an attempt to address several dental issues that have plagued me over the years, including Gingivitis.

Gingivitis is characterized by the appearance of blood on your toothbrush when brushing, and by observing blood in the sink when rinsing your mouth. Many people have Gingivitis and don’t even know it. Throughout my teens, and for most of my adult life, I also suffered with tenderness and soreness in the mouth, frequently reoccurring and painful canker sores, sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages, and Halitosis (bad breath).

None of the things my dad had recommended, including baking soda and peroxide, nor the many different dental care products I had tried over the years, were ever able to resolve my dental issues, which continued to worsen over time. The Sensodyne toothpaste that my dad recommended for my sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages simply just didn’t work, even after many years of using it.

Gingivitis – a disguised condition for many people – with a rude awakening

As I grew older, my Gingivitis worsened into full-blown Gum Disease, which if not rectified, would cause my teeth to start dislodging from my softened gums, and literally start falling out of my mouth. Gum Disease is the leading cause for the loss of teeth, and it affects millions of people in the USA and Canada, and many millions more throughout the world. It starts with Gingivitis, and there are millions of people walking around with Gingivitis without even realizing it, until it progresses into the far more serious Gum Disease.

There are reports showing approximately 20 Million people have dentures in America. However, according to
57% of Americans who are ages 65 to 74 wear some form of dentures.
51% of Americans ages 55 to 64 have either full or partial dentures.

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, 35 million Americans do not have any teeth and 178 million people are missing at least one tooth.These figures are expected to grow in the next two decades due to our aging population.

11% of the American population requires the use of a complete denture. They estimate that another 5% of the population wears a partial denture, meaning that 16% of the population or approximately 1 in 7 people wear dentures. They believe that in Canada the ratio is very close to that seen in the USA.

When my Gingivitis had progressed into Gum Disease, my Dental Hygienist told me that I would need a series of very costly (in the thousands of dollars) gum treatments to treat the problem. But even having these expensive treatments could not guarantee that my Gum Disease would be cleared up. At that crucial time of my life – I had the Great Fortune of learning about SISEL International and the unique formulations and properties found exclusively in their Superior Quality Fluoride-Free dental care products

Discover the World’s Finest Dental Care Products: SupraShine Toothpaste
and Terminator Mouth Rinse – from the Minds at SISEL International

Dental Care Products Best Photo
SUPRASHINE Toothpaste is free of the toxic substances (such as sodium laurel sulfate and sodium fluoride) that are found in nearly all other brands of toothpaste. Plus it contains the same minerals found in tooth enamel, along with a proprietary binding agent to re-enamel and strengthen your teeth to fight tooth decay and cavities far better than any other toothpaste – each and every time you brush your teeth. It also cleans and brightens your teeth better than any other brand.

The Powerful Deep-Cleaning Action of Terminator Mouth Rinse

After brushing, SISEL’s Terminator Mouth Rinse adds the finishing touch that will make your teeth, gums and mouth feel so fresh and clean, that you’ll feel like you just had a professional cleaning at the Dental Office! The alcohol-free formulation utilizes a much more effective and powerful germ killing agent: Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, which makes it so powerful, that it can help to clear up Gingivitis and Gum Disease far better than any other dental products. And yet it is so mild, that it almost feels like you are rinsing your mouth with water!

Terminator Mouth Rinse is especially beneficial for children, adolescents and adults with dental appliances, including braces, since it is so effective in thoroughly cleaning and rinsing out trapped food particles that can cause bad breath, gum tenderness and irritation, and infections.

The Powerful Pain-Relieving Property of Terminator Mouth Rinse

Never before has there ever been a mouth rinse that can alleviate pain in the mouth like SISEL’s Terminator Mouth Rinse. It has very powerful analgesic properties that make it exceptionally effective in relieving soreness, discomfort and pain in the the teeth, mouth and gums. When used after returning home from getting dental work, it helps to quickly alleviate the “mouth trauma” after dental work, and helps to quickly restore your teeth and gums back to a normal feeling, so you can comfortably return to eating and drinking without any pain or discomfort.

Terminator Mouth Rinse is available in the full size bottles, and in a convenient 2 oz. bottle with a spray cap, so you can freshen your breath on the go, and instantly soothe a sore throat with a shot or two into your throat. It can also be used topically, to help stop itching and irritation. It’s great for poison ivy, bug bites, minor cuts and burns to soothe and help to prevent infection. The SISEL Dental Care Products help to alleviate the sensitivity to hot and cold foods, help eliminate tenderness, pain and soreness in the mouth, and they promote clean fresh breath. The Terminator Mouth Rinse deep cleans so thoroughly in between teeth, and all around dental appliances and braces – that it could very appropriately be described as a liquid dental floss – because it’s the closest thing to it!

SISEL’s Dental Care Products can Save You Money on Dental Bills!

I experienced outstanding results with SISEL’s Dental Care Products. After trying so many other products that simply could not resolve the many dental issues I’ve had throughout my life, SISEL’s SUPRASHINE Toothpaste and Terminator Mouth Rinse resolved every one of these problems! The bad breath I had is GONE and replaced with fresh breath, a clean mouth, pink and healthy gums, no more tenderness or soreness in the mouth, no more canker sores, and no more sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks!

Plus – These Remarkable Dental Care Products saved me Thousands of Dollars in Dental Care Bills by eliminating costly procedures to treat the Gum Disease, which was completely resolved with these Amazing Dental Care Products. I am absolutely convinced, after trying just about every other dental care product out there without getting any results, that SISEL’s SUPRASHINE Toothpaste and Terminator Mouth Rinse are Hands Down the Finest Dental Care Products in the World. And like their Dental Care products, I’ve also found all of the SISEL Personal Care Products to be the Best in Quality & Performance among all of the many other products that I’ve used over the years.

Terminator Mouth Rinse to the Rescue! – For a Cracked Tooth on a trip

I cracked a tooth biting into an olive with a pit inside it (unbeknownst to me) on the first day away from home while on a week-long business trip. If you’ve ever cracked a tooth, you know how painful it is. Thank goodness I had the convenient 2 oz bottle of SISEL’s Terminator Mouth Rinse with me. I never go anywhere without this handy little bottle with the Spray Cap (especially after this experience), as I use it to freshen my breath, and for so many other purposes. I was an Instructor with GE Healthcare at the time, where I found the Terminator Mouth Rinse to be invaluable in its ability to instantly soothe a dry throat – with a quick spray in the mouth, so I could go on with teaching my class, without losing my voice.

Terminator Mouth Rinse in the 2 oz bottle with Spray Cap
Being very familiar with the soothing property of the Terminator Mouth Rinse, and upon feeling my tooth break as I bit into the olive, I went to the rest room and removed the spray cap from the bottle, and I poured a small amount of the mouth rinse in my mouth. I held it on the right side of my mouth and soaked my cracked molar for several moments. I was so impressed with how the pain subsided so quickly and so significantly, and how I was able to return to the table and finish eating my dinner without any pain. This amazing mouth rinse with its powerful pain-killing action got me through the entire week and back home, where I went to see my Dentist for a crown, to remedy the cracked molar.

SISEL’s Dental Care Products Pass the “Ultimate Test”

I don’t recommend that anyone else try this – but you will nevertheless be as impressed as I was, when I got the results of the “Ultimate Test” first-hand.

So what exactly was the “Ultimate Test”? Well it happened unintentionally, due in large part to my procrastination, and also to my not having experienced any kind of dental issues at all – for month after month, and year after year – following a dental visit where I had a crown fitted to replace a cracked tooth as per the story above. It is a good general practice to visit your Dentist at least twice a year, but again – after getting the crown and feeling so great from there on out with my daily brushing and rinsing with SISLE’s great tooth paste and mouth rinse – I never had any urgent reason of any kind to go see the dentist. And though I knew I should be going there at least once a year – I kept putting it off. Finally, after 5 years had passed since I had the crown put in, I finally decided to make an appointment with the Dental Hygienist for a cleaning.

Anyone who has ever had their teeth scaled knows how uncomfortable it can be. I had gone through it many times in the past, and after having had so many cleanings in my life, I reached a point where I began to wonder if there was any enamel left on my teeth, after having had them scaled so many times. I had my teeth scaled on a visit to the Dental Hygienist just before I started using the SISEL Dental Care Products. My next visit with the Hygienist was four months after I was using SISEL’s Dental Care Products, and on that visit the Hygienist found no plaque on my teeth. For the very first time in my life on a visit with a Dental Hygienist, my teeth did not need to be scaled!

After going 5 years without a visit to the dentist, I knew, as I arrived at my first appointment with the Dental Hygienist after all that time, that the moment of truth was at hand. Based on my last Hygienist visit, I felt confident that I wouldn’t need a scaling – and as it turned out – my notion was correct! – No plaque was found on my teeth and no scaling was required! The incredible SISEL Dental Care Products had passed the Ultimate Test!

How to build a supplemental residual income by simply switching brands

No Potentially Harmful Ungredients
Everyone you know uses dental care products, but are they all aware of the harmful substances in their dental care products? And are they aware of the harmful ingredients found in many popular brands of personal care products?
Personal care products are purchased every month in the grocery store, and used every day in every household. Did you know that many illnesses and diseases can be traced to the harmful ingredients found in personal care products?

To order SupraShine Toothpaste and Terminator Mouth Rinse –

Think about it – why would you want to continue to buy products in the store that are made with harmful ingredients, when you can shop at your own SISEL Store and get far better products? SISEL’s products are not only Safe for you and your family, but also Far Superior in Quality and Performance to the products you are currently using. It just makes such Great Sense to switch your home over to SISEL SAFE Products. And with SISEL’s very lucrative referral compensation plan (the highest-paying compensation plan in the Home Business Industry), you can build a significant monthly income without any selling, but simply by sharing this important information with others, and helping them to get connected with SISEL so they too can shop at their own SISEL Store as well. As they duplicate this process, their income -and yours will grow – with a simple yet powerful business model based on the concept of a wholesale buying club.

If you are a Preferred Customer with SISEL and need help in placing an order with SISEL, or if you would like to become a Distributor – contact your sponsor or reply to this blog for assistance.

If you received this blog post linked from someone you know, and you are not yet a part of the growing family of SISEL Brand Partners – get back to the person who thought enough of you and your family to share this with you, and they can help you to get on board with SISEL. I can guarantee you that It will definitely be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make in your life!

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