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*from the desk of Tom Mower Sr
Almost all ingredients in Sunscreens are from mildly to powerfully toxic. Many that are there to protect your skin from the UV rays actually degrade and are transformed into carcinogens.

So what is the best choice in sunscreen formulations to choose….

Shade from Sisel has the safest and most effective on the market today. It is the best science the law allows. You see there has not been a new sunscreen ingredient approved since the year 2000. It is all due to FDA radical bureaucrats and BIG PHARMA I believe.

So with skin cancers raging around the world, even our slow to no acting, US Congress passed a law forcing the FDA to approve new ingredients from the many that have been tested, are safe and will work even more effective….(can you imagine a law to force a government agency to do the right thing..Amazing absolutely Amazing) All that being said, you should know that broad spectrum sunscreens are what you want. UVB rays burn the skin and cause some cancer but the UVA causes severe cancers to form on the skin & also is responsible for aging and wrinkles. Also know that sunscreen should be applied every 2 hours…a difficult thing to do…but after that period of time it is mostly broken down and its protection gone….. BUT WAIT, Sisel is working on a revolutionary technology to make a SUPER SUNSCREEN with the most advanced technology and….. and….. a system to make one application last ALL DAY LONG!! This is the science of Sisel that coins the phrase….TRUST THE SCIENCE – TRUST SISEL.. At Sisel we will do it right and we will do it the best way science makes possible. Very often, in many products, the science and blends in our formulations are revolutionary not used by any companies in the world or in a few cases only a few do. However with highly advanced science, it is expensive. Other companies use little amounts and make huge claims for which it is impossible for the effects to be there are such insignificant levels of the actives OR they charge extremely high prices.. At Sisel we use the best, use the highest amounts proven to give the best results and since we manufacture can sell these extra ordinary, VASTLY SUPERIOR products are a reasonable price.

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