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Congratulations to Jenny Lovett for Achieving 4-Star Master Distributor!

imageI had the Great Pleasure of meeting Jenny Lovett and other leaders from her Australian Team, at the SISEL World Convention in April. Jenny drives a beautiful Jaguar, thanks to SISEL’s Great Luxury Car Bonus Program – and she has well earned it. Jenny exemplifies what it takes to be a Leader with SISEL – dedication to building SISEL and to supporting her team members.

The RESULTS coming from Jenny’s team have been nothing short of Spectacular – Last month (May) there were 50 new members on our team – 8 of these new members were sponsored by USA Team members and 42 new members were sponsored by members of the Australian Team. Thus far this month, there are 15 new members on our team, with 12 of them having been sponsored by Jenny Lovett’s Team members.

Jenny and the Australians are knocking it Out of the Park while everyone appears to be asleep behind the wheel! With the Greatest Wealth-Building Opportunity that we’ll all ever see in our entire lifetimes looming just weeks away – now is the worst possible time to be out of the loop and snoozing!

*written by Bill DeFalco 9th June 2016



Enjoying a training weekend, and a few drinks on Jenny’s houseboat in 2015

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