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EXFOLIUM – My First Use

Hi everyone. It’s taken me a couple of months to get around to getting a jar of Exfolium exfoliating gel.

I recorded a video of my upline, Chrissy, trying it a couple of months ago, but I’d never tried it til last night.

I do suffer from psoriasis in my hair, and dry skin coming off my nose onto my cheeks, as explained in the video below, and so, wanted to see how the Exfolium goes on my face over the next month or so, in conjunction with the moisturiser and other Sisel brand products that I use on a daily basis.
Topher trying Exfolium

img_1758.jpgAs I write this, its been about half an hour since exfoliating my face and it certainly does feel a lot cleaner and smoother.

As mentioned in the video, I use the Firming Facial Cleaner daily, the Body Lotion, and also the Actify 6000.

Sisel International is more than just a coffee company. We have so many products from so many different genres that its unbelievable that I am able to earn commissions from people brushing their teeth, washing their clothes, drinking coffee and looking (and feeling) great while getting healthier.




On the 20th of May, Sisel International is releasing a Rapid Weight Loss trial, if you want to be in on it, as I will be, use the contact form immediately and get in touch so that I can discuss requirements with you to be part of this 1000 people trial.


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