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A new case of Alzheimer’s Disease is being diagnosed every 68 seconds!  Though there is no cure for this dreaded
disease, thanks to Tom Mower and SISEL International 
we have a powerful and effective product for protecting
and promoting Optimal Brain Health: 
Brain Vitality   

The precursor for Alzheimer’s Disease is Dementia, which typically begins to appear in a very mild form for most people
around age 50.  It starts with difficulty in remembering things and a slow down in our cognitive brain functionality. Dementia
is a result of the degeneration of the health of the brain brought about by the aging of our bodies over time.

The intensity and severity of Dementia, and whether or not it will worsen and progress into the dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease depends on many different factors.

Each person is different, and we all have different backgrounds in how we grew up that will affect how our bodies age over time. For example – those of us who grew up in a home where we regularly inhaled second-hand cigarette smoke are more likely to be more negatively impacted by the aging process.  Other factors including diet, exposure to toxins, genetics and family history of illnesses all factor into how we respond to the effects of aging.

The most common factor that contributes to the deterioration of the brain is an insufficient level of magnesium in our diets.  Magnesium is needed by our bodies to sustain and maintain the health of the brain and without it, or with insufficient levels of it in our bodies the brain will deteriorate at an accelerated pace.  Trying to take magnesium in a supplement form is a big challenge, because it is very difficult to make magnesium into a formulation that can cross the blood-brain barrier, and actually get into the brain where it can nourish and support the health of the brain.

Enter SISEL’s Breakthrough Brain-Health Supplement: Brain Vitality – with a unique and patented formulation that incorporates magnesium in a proprietary form (Magnesium L-Threonate) – which can cross the blood-brain barrier and be
utilized by the brain to help support and sustain its health.

To help you to learn more about this breakthrough Brain Health Supplement, I have put together the following information:

I have attached two PDF Documents on Brain Vitality:

  1. A very informative PDF presentation on Brain Vitality

Take the time to go through this powerful presentation and when you do – you’ll want to do what I do – take Brain Vitality daily  – which is what I personally believe is the Best Insurance against Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

  1. A Brain Vitality Brochure – from SISEL International

Also – Watch this Video Overview by Tom Mower on Brain Vitality:

Brain Vitality Presentation by Tom Mower

Click the following link to watch this 8 min Video:     

Additionally, I sent out an audio recording of a very impressive Brain Vitality Testimonial, that was prepared by GFE SISEL Team Member – George Griesel.  On the recording you will hear George interviewing Aadron Tabert – a meter reader from Louisiana, who shares with us the amazing results that his mother-in-law had with SISEL’s Brain Vitality.  The audio is 3.5 min. in length.

In closing it is also important to point out something additional that Tom Mower mentioned about Brain Vitality and that is, its ability to help repair damage to the brain.  For anyone who has suffered any kind of impact or trauma to the head – taking
Brain Vitality can play an important role in helping to repair the damage and help to restore normal brain functionality.

Brain Vitality can also help folks who suffer from Migraine Headaches. SISEL’s Eternity or the caffeine-free Essential
Eternity are the perfect complimentary supplements to Brain Vitality, along with FuCoyDon Intensified and SpectraMaxx.  In essence, Brain Vitality taken along with the 3 Triangle of Life products mentioned here, make up the most powerful brain-health protection plan ever conceived!


*from the desk of Bill DeFalco



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