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Let me open this impressive story with an important disclaimer:
– SISEL International makes absolutely no medical claims about their products. SISEL’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illnesses or diseases. Also it is important here for me to clarify the difference between the nutrient: fucoidan and FuCoyDon Intensified – Sisel’s Registered Trade Name for their Patented fuciodan liquid nutritional dietary supplement.

With that being said – I have a Remarkable Story to share.

This is a newly developing story and more details will be forthcoming. The story begins with a woman in her 40’s who has been fighting a losing battle with cancer for quite some time. It started with breast cancer then it spread to her skeletal system to become bone cancer. She been on chemotherapy since she first contracted breast cancer.

This woman has a daughter with some serious health challenges that require her to need constant help and assistance with her life, and the more she has seen her cancer worsening, the more she is losing her hope of surviving her ordeal. Her biggest worry is who will be able to take care of her daughter should she die from cancer.

Just over two moths ago a new member of our Team: John Rader, who was sponsored by Don Gorder, introduced this woman to SISEL and the Triangle of Life (TOL) products. After researching the products this woman started taking the Triangle of Life Products, with one serving a day of Eternity and SpectraMaxx & 5 servings/day of FuCoyDon Intensified.

The serving size for all has been 3/4 ounce/serving.

After two full months of taking the TOL Products she got some exciting news from her doctor – her tumour markers dropped down an impressive 2,000 points, from 2,400 all the way down to 400. Needless to say she is absolutely elated and her doctor has never seen such a significant drop like this with any previous patients.

In her research of the TOL Products she was impressed to learn that the world’s most renowned cancer treatment centre – Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York has an extensive write up on the nutrient fucoidan with references to the cancer-killing properties of fucoidan.

You can see this information on their website at:

– To see all of the information – type: fucoidan into the search box in the top right portion of the page.

This woman was also impressed by the large number of medical scientific studies on fucoidan – on the web site of the US National Library of Medicine:
To see these studies – type: fucoidan into the search box at the top of the main page. I will continue to track the developments in this ongoing story and I will be providing updates as more information becomes available.

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