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SISEL Australia – Newsletter no2

NEWSLETTER 2: – January 1st 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the Sisel Team around Australia!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas break, and I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2016.

With each New Year come the usual New Year’s resolutions. People all over the world make

commitments, many of which will fail; some folk, however, will make a great, new start. As the weeks

go by, they will begin to see the fruits of their labours, and experience a real sense of achievement.

Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight and live a healthy life, and what

better way to accomplish that than to learn about Sisel and its benefits? This is an ideal time of the

year to make the commitment to not only live a healthier and happier life, but to be rewarded for it

at the same time. Sisel products really work, and we have thousands of people whose lives have been

literally transformed over a short period of time by taking the Sisel vitamins and weight loss products.

Many have also had their skin rejuvenated by the Sisel beauty and therapy range. There really is

something for everyone, even your pets. Yes, pets. Several of our distributors’ testimonials have been

about their pet dogs suffering from arthritic conditions, poor eyesight and various other ailments

(similar to what we ourselves suffer, from particularly as we grow older). These pets have responded

so well to products, especially the Triangle of Life, becoming much more alert, having more energy,

and even improved eyesight. Wow! How incredible and powerful is this information then?

My commitment to all of you is to help you achieve your business goals in 2016 and beyond, and this

is a perfect time to plan and make your dreams a reality. Remember, you are not alone as we are a

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. So, I will be working closely with all of you to make sure

that Australia is Sisel’s Star. Of course, the exciting news that Tom Mower is coming to Australia mid

February to officially launch ‘Sisel Australia’ at the Gold Coast Head Office will give all of you a great

opportunity to increase your down lines and bonus cheques, as news of his impending visit is made


I am also awaiting arrival of the Supra H2 water filtration units which will have the Australian plugs (so

there will be no need for any modifications). As you will have read about some of the benefits in my

last newsletter, a Supra Unit is a must for continued health and wellbeing, and definitely worth the

investment. Can you please email me in the next week and let me know how many you would like to

order, so I can fulfil the orders and avoid any delays?

When introducing Sisel to new people, I know that some of you get a quick “No thanks” because they

think it is just another pyramid scheme. Clearly, this could not be further from the truth and truly is a

misconception when trying to encourage newcomers to the fold. One of the dilemmas you’ll face is

that you really need sufficient time to present to new prospects; and, in a perfect world, you would

need at least 20 minutes of time to do so. The key is to get their attention as soon as possible, to

ensure that you gain their interest and create the desire. Then, hopefully, you can move forward into

a more structured presentation and, along the way, highlight all the benefits. Most of you are well

versed in how to present and overcome objections; however, from time to time, we all come across a

person who would object to anything. Therefore, remember “Some Will. Some Won’t. So What?

Next!” But, not everyone is a lost cause, a drain and a disappointing ‘investment’ of your time. So,

spend your energy on those who appear keen initially and, who will at least listen and retain an open

mind. In fact, during your introduction, say “I’d like to tell you about some of the great healthy products

my family and friends are using, and all I ask is that you afford me a little time to introduce them to

you. Can I have at least 15 minutes of your time?”

Given that we have so many products available now, in fact over 250 of them, choose a category that

will be of interest to a prospective customer or distributor. Select a few items from within e.g. Beauty,

Longevity, Trim, or Kaffe to focus on and maintain their interest. Once you have sold them on one or

more of those few products, on the fantastic business opportunity which Sisel provides etc. you can

then expand your presentation even at a later date, to cover more of the range available. If they love

coffee and are a coffee officianado, you could make them a cup from your own samples. So it makes

perfect sense to always carry a pack of samples with you in your kit along with your business cards.

Also, use people’s stories as testimonials. Collect all those success stories you hear or read about in

your email contacts from your downline, as they’re GOLD. They’ll help others to attain success also,

and to live healthier and more satisfying lives too.

*** Sisel World Convention in Utah, mid April 2016 ***

Set your goals and your intention to attend the World Convention in Utah, to celebrate Sisel’s 10 years

of producing brilliant and dynamic health products.

For further information about hotel bookings and attending this Convention, please visit the Sisel

International website.

Finally, stay focused and positive, and here’s wishing you a brilliant and an

extremely successful 2016.

Best Wishes

Bill Lathan


** full PDF of the newsletter can be found here

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