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Adding on to last week’s post, most people think that a dream has to be a three story house, or an expensive sports car, but what dreams some get excited about may not have the same appeal to others. An example of that is that one of my dreams is to own a Piper Chieftain aircraft. I have picked out everything that I want in it, right down to the colour of the seat belt buckles, however would someone who is afraid to fly want to buy an aircraft? Some people just want to be able to pay a bill when it arrives, some just want to beat stage 4 cancer. Everyone’s dreams are different and are largely based on where they are at that exact moment in time.

Now, with Christmas two weeks away, those of us in the western world are at the point now where we start to freak out because we forgot some long-lost aunt that we need to buy something for, and we may not be concentrating on building our businesses during that time. We are too busy, too broke, too pre-occupied.

Below is a short list of four things that I would like you to follow as a little reminder to yourself as to why you’re a network marketer in the first place: the dream.

1. List three dreams you could achieve for less than $20 in the next 14 days. Be specific.

2. Circle the one dream that you think will give you the most joy and is also easy to achieve.

3. Make an appointment to achieve your dream. Add the appointment to your calendar and tell someone who will hold you accountable.

4. Live your dream! When I live one of my dreams, I take a photo or video. This makes the experience last longer and gives me a reminder that my dreams are designed to be lived, not delayed.

I would love to hear what everyone comes up with, so please comment below and lets keep you dreaming.

For me, I will be heading to a local club at lunch time for a veal schnitzel with mushroom sauce and chips.


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