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Good afternoon everyone,

I was recently talking with a new distributor about how to go about ordering your first order and what to buy. Obviously it’s all dependant on what interests you and what challenges you might be facing in your personal health.

For me, I am a coffee addict, as is a high majority of the planet’s population, so coffee was in my list. I also wanted the Triangle of Life, the Siselpops and pretty much everything else from the 200+ product range.

Just to wind back a little for a moment… for those of us in Australia under the leadership of former VP of International Sales – and current 5-Star Master – Steve Farr, we have the option to join in his Wealth Builder group. His group, dubbed the 10/10/10 group gets us extra training and help from Steve himself every week. It has an entry level of AU$2000 ($1000 on Sisel side and $1000 on Kaffe side of the business) so what to buy isn’t really a huge issue, just go crazy! Not everyone, however, will chose to join the wealth builder group on their initial order, so a little bit of thought may be needed to get you started.

To join Sisel, currently, in Australia, it is free. This, however, also has some fine print and that is that Sisel expects an initial order of 50PV

As you will see below in my images, every product has a dollar value, a PV value and also a BV value

Dollar is how much we pay for the product
PV is the “points” you accrue towards your leadership levels (master = 1000pv, 1-star = 5000 points) BV is the points that we are actually paid on

Generally speaking, we think of dollar and PV as 1 for 1 just to simplify things when discussing Sisel with other people, however, some products have a higher PV and some have no PV at all.

To skip back to what you, and your people could order for their initial order… What is it that interests you about the business? Is it weight loss, toxin free personal care, make up, skin care, coffee? We have that many products that you could really sit for hours chopping and changing until you place an order that you’re happy with.

My suggestion is to place an initial order of $200 / 200PV which includes 50PV of coffee. This will give you a good range of products to get you started at the Platinum bonus level. The Platinum bonus level won’t be of much concern until you are building some decent depth in your organisation, but I’ve been Platinum since day 1 and I still don’t have enough products each month.

When signing up, regardless of what level, select the auto-ship option, it makes your Sisel experience quicker, easier, and it also means that you will place an order every month. For me, I have never missed an order, nor have I ever had the same order twice.. I log into my back office each month and add products and subtract others, but I’m always qualified as Platinum (200pv + 50pv)

The images below are just as a guide, as you can see in the 1st one, you are 1PV short of 200PV and Platinum level (you qualify for Kaffe by obtaining 50PV)

To note is the total cost. By the $203.27 total cost, you are above the threshold for the cheapest shipping costs.

Shipping costs are as follows (again, this is for Australia)

<$100 = $25
$100 – $200 = $20
>$200 = $10

Just by making a couple of quick changes, you can bump yourself to 209PV on Sisel, keep the 50PV on Kaffe and be instantly qualified as Platinum for the entire month.

Of course these are only examples and suggestions, you and your group can all place an initial order of 50PV on either side of the business and sign all of their people at the same level. There is no right or wrong products to purchase.

What I have suggested to people is to NOT order the Triangle of Life on their first order, unless they are placing a large first order. What I prefer to suggest to them to remove the toxic shampoos, conditioners, and toothpaste from their house first, while they go to their doctor and get a full set of bloods taken. After that, then start their ToL purchases as there is no point starting the ToL unless you make a 6-12 month commitment and buying it just to ‘try’ it is a waste of time. The ToL will need that length of time to work its magic and by getting bloods done in your first month, then by the time you have been a Sisel distributor for 6 months you can go back and get the next set done and just see how your overall health as increased on a cellular level.

Interested to hear your thoughts below

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